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Julianalue - Lisbon

Insecta Silhouette

Insecta Silhouette


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This illustration presents a bold depiction of an insect, possibly a fly, set against a stark white background. The creature's wings are outspread, finely detailed with veined patterns that evoke a sense of delicate intricacy. Its body is robust, contrasted by the slim elegance of its legs and the whimsical twist of its antennae which playfully mimic the shape of a crown, adding a regal aura to its otherwise earthly character. The artist has captured the subject in a moment of stillness, with a surrounding outline that suggests an aura or energy emanating from the insect. The monochromatic scheme amplifies the textural details and the play of light and shadow, imbuing the piece with a graphic and contemporary edge while also highlighting the natural

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